Tales of Magic and Mayhem

Tales of Magic and Mayhem by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne


During a swimming test in gym class, Marnie discovers something dreadful in the pool.

Violet and her friends have a terrifying experience at their school’s annual science fair.

Shoppers discover the wonders of a department store’s annual gingerbread display.

Daniel finds something horrible in the attic.

Melinda Arthur is almost thirteen. She believes that she is “almost” grown up.
Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur, are going to a play on a Friday night and they decide to hire a babysitter to take care of Melinda and her little brother Winston.
When Melinda finds out about the babysitter, she is both shocked and angry.
Melinda confronts her parents about their babysitting decision. She tells them that she is very responsible and that she is able to take care of herself and Winston for the night.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur tell Melinda that they believe she is not old enough for the responsibility of caring for her little brother without them. They hire the elderly and eccentric Mrs. McAllister to babysit their children for the night.
When Mrs. McAllister arrives at the Arthur household, strange things start to happen.

Tales of Magic and Mayhem contains five stories. These stories are a mixture of horror and fantasy.

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