Tales of Mystery and Terror

Tales of Mystery and Terror by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne



On a quiet Friday night, three roommates Nona, Lara and Heather decide to go to the movies. Nona agrees to drive to the theater on one condition. Her friends must accompany her while she delivers a restored vintage car to one of her brother’s wealthy clients. The three young women take the trip and they make two horrifying discoveries.
The car has no seat belts and its haunted.

Beth makes a horrifying discovery at a college party.

Rogan and Bridgette travel to a desolate part of town to keep a macabre appointment.

Seven college students are trapped in the library after hours with a sinister librarian named Ms. Casey. However, before the night ends the students will discover that nothing is what it seems.

Jason makes a terrifying discovery during a night of wild partying.

Camille and Hilary are studying at the university library on a quiet Friday night. Trent joins them and he shares a rib meal he bought at a popular barbecue restaurant. Camille and Hilary think the food is delicious and they visit the eatery. The restaurant is located in a deserted part of town. The establishment is small, crowded and filled with hungry and aggressive customers. After entering the restaurant, Camille and Hilary make a horrifying discovery. They must fight to leave the restaurant alive.

Tales of Mystery and Terror: A Collection of Horror Stories contains 10 horror tales.

Parental Warning: This eBook contains materials that may be unsuitable for younger readers aged 13 and under. Contains harsh language, scenes of graphic violence, adult situations and mature themes.
Parental discretion is advised.


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