Tales of Murder and Madness

Tales of Murder and Madness by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne


Elizabeth Anderson is beautiful, intelligent and she is married to a handsome billionaire named Matthew Anderson. She is also involved in a torrid affair with a much younger man. After being blackmailed she decides to put an end to the plot once and for all.

Gretchen and her friends have a terrifying experience at the university library.

Unhappily married for several years, Laura and Michael Brenton decide to obtain a divorce.

The couple meets for the last time for the purpose of signing their divorce papers.

The Brenton’s final meeting is tense, emotional and psychologically draining. And before night’s end, the affair will become deadly.

Elizabeth and Carrie experience a night of terror when they visit a popular bowling alley.

Enid and Jackie have a horrifying experience during a trip to a popular movie theater.

Anna and Brie make a terrifying discovery during a late night walk.

After the death of their wealthy employer, a middle aged nurse and a chauffeur go on a gruesome search for the deceased man’s treasure.

Tales of Murder and Madness contains seven thriller stories.

Parental Warning: This eBook contains materials that may not be suitable for readers aged 13 and under. Contains harsh language, graphic violence and adult situations.
Parental Discretion Advised.


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