Olivia’s Date and Other Horror Stories

Olivia's Date and Other Horror Stories by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne



Trevor goes to the university library to study for midterm examinations and he falls asleep in one of the study rooms. When he wakes up, he discovers that the life that he once knew has become a terrifying nightmare.

On a cold snowy day, three friends Lisa, Carrie and Ralph find a strange package in front of their apartment door.

Paula and Briana work in a popular department store’s customer service department. During their busy shift, they meet a very strange man who is determined to obtain a refund for his purchase.

When Olivia decides to meet her online boyfriend in person for the first time, her brother Stan is worried and he tells her not to go. Olivia ignores her brother’s warning and she decides to go on her date. After meeting her online boyfriend she makes a horrifying discovery.

Tom does not believe in ghosts. When his girlfriend tells him that the campus library is haunted he doesn’t believe her. Under pressure to turn in a paper in a short amount of time, Tom goes to the library to complete his project. When he enters a deserted section of the library, he soon discovers that he is not alone. And he starts to doubt his disbelief in the supernatural.

Olivia’s Date & Other Horror Stories contains five horror tales.

Parental Warning: This eBook contains explicit material that may be unsuitable for younger readers aged 17 and under. Contains harsh language, scenes of graphic violence, adult situations and mature themes.
Parental Discretion is Strongly Advised.