New Horror eBook

For the Love of Thomas Chase and Other Horror Stories

Lisa’s blind date with a handsome man becomes a gruesome event after she discovers a sinister secret.

After years of an unhappy marriage to an rich older woman named Lois, Jamie decides to leave her.
Lois is obsessed with Jamie and she refuses to let him go.
In a desperate attempt to save her marriage, Lois carries out a grisly act of vengeance.

Harmony’s last night of working at a strip club becomes a horrifying fight for survival when she attends a private party held by a mysterious host.

After Laura’s grandfather dies, she believes he will leave her all of his money.
After the reading of the will, Laura discovers that there is a gruesome price to pay for all of her inherited riches.

For the Love of Thomas Chase and Other Horror Stories contains four terrifying tales of terror.

Parental Warning: This eBook contains materials that may not be appropriate for readers aged 13 years and under.
Contains adult situations, mature themes and scenes of graphic violence.
Parental Discretion is Advised.

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