A Trio of Horror Prequels

The Chronicles of Greogry Albourne

Gregory Albourne is a murderer.

Follow his gruesome and maniacal journey during the last few hours before his capture.

The Chornicles of Gregory Albourne is a prequel for the horror novella The Bridge Uncut


The Final Ingredient


Albert discovers something terrifying in a library.

The Final Ingredient is a prequel for the horror novel Jeremy’s Weakness



A Realtor's Lament


Jeanette Jansen is a successful real estate agent.  She makes a horrifying discovery during a property showing.

A Realtor’s Lament is a prequel for the horror novel The Quiet Apartment


These three eBooks are all short stories.

These eBooks are also Free for a limited time.

You can download them at iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.